Ce versuri ascunde noul single/clip de la Rock’n Ghena – Overcome Life

Music News – Rock’n Ghena – Overcome Life

Formatia hardcore Rock’n Ghena a lansat un nou clip. Acesta este pentru single-ul “Overcome Life” care face parte de pe albumul intitulat “The Hate, The Pain, The Suffering”

Clipul, reprezinta un montaj din mai multe concerte live si incununeaza in acelasi timp 19 ani de activitate alaturi de fosti si actuali componenti ai trupei. Overcome Life este una dintre piesele de pe EP cele mai agresive tehnic si vocal si descrie disperarea, suferinta si reconcelierea cu propria persoana dar in acelasi timp vorbeste despre puterea si speranta de a invinge greutatile si corvoadele sociale ale vietii.


The hardcore band from Romania, Rock n Ghena which released in 2018 a new album called “The Hate, The Pain, The Suffering” announces a new video for “Overcome Life”. Overcome Life video is a collage from live concerts and in the same time marks 19 years of existence of the band. Overcome Life is a song which can be considered one of the most aggressive and describes despair, suffering and reconciliation with one’s self and in the same time speaks about the power and hope to overcome life.


Scars of my past
My life to mend
A failed teritory and loose ends
Fight for redemption with every shred
Continuous purgatory
Living in my head, living in my head

Above the will to survive – Overcome life

This life of threats
The heavy head amends
Inflicted pain surrounds me
Making feelings blend
Pray to endless sky
To stand another day
Keep the spirit safe
This is where i lay

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rock_n_ghena
YT: https://goo.gl/M56nVy
FB: https://www.facebook.com/RocknGhena

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