Asculta single-ul Infern de la Breathelast pe youtube

Breathelast – Infern | LP 2018

Acum poti asculta single-ul “Infern” si pe youtube. Acesta face parte de pe albumul trupei Breathelast intitulat  Of This Amounts To Exactly Nothing,
Until You Throw It All Away / 2018 (comanda AICI)

In 2010, Breathelast started with a different line-up, different style of music (nu metal – alternative). The new style of music has a lot of breakdowns and tempo changes, which confines a very personal feeling to the songs, building up the energy that comes out of this style of song-writing and playing.The band members come from various musical backgrounds and have been around for a while, enough to know that music is the only driving energy and that success is only the palm of your hand, when you’re holding a guitar, drum sticks or a microphone , on a stage, in front of people that enjoy your music. Further on, we take the responsibility to develop our sound and get the music across to the interested audience, wherever it may roam

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