Asculta-l pe Tony Iommi pe noul album al celor de la Candlemass

Tony Iommy – Black Sabbath – Candlemass

Aceasta este prima inregistrare a lui Tony Iommi de cand Black Sabbath (comanda albume AICI) a a avut ultimul show in urma cu doi ani. Anterior au fost lansate stiri cum ca Iommi a contribuit la albumul celor de la Candlemass, The Door to Doom. Acum poti asculta piesa intitulata “Astrolus – The Great Octopus

“That he would even consider playing on one of my songs is a dream come true. I feel very blessed, and I tell you…to keep my mouth shut for a couple of months about it has been horrible. I just wanted to scream from the rooftops,” a declara Leif Edling catre Loudwire intr-un recent interviu.
“We sent the management the song and got the thumbs up. Sometimes you have to aim high. You never know…,” the bassist added.

The Door to Doom va fi lansat pe data de 22 februarie prin intermediul Napalm Records.

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