Vezi colaborarea lui Chester Benington cu Mark Mortom de la Lamb of God

Chester Benington – Linkin Park & Mark Morton – Lamb of God

Acum trei ani chitaristul Lamb of God (comanda albume AICI), Mark Morton si-a surprins fanii cu single-ul solo “SnowBound“. Un an si jumatate mai tarziu a fost dezvaluita stirea ca Chester Bennington de la Linkin Park (comanda albume AICI) a fost in studio cu acesta. In decembrie Morton a dezvaluit ca va fi si un album solo “Anesthetic” ce are o serie de invitati inclusiv Bennington. Mai jos puteti auzi featuring-ul  intitulat “Cross Off“.

Morton a declarat despre colaborarea cu Bennington:””He’s just got one of those voices, one of those once in an eon existence voices. It’s unmistakable. It’s just a God-given thing and you hear Chester and you know it’s Chester and such an amazing, powerful voice. So emotive as well. Just everything, it’s all there. Very personal and very unique.”

Acesta a mai adaugat:”In our perfect world, who would sing this song that we were so excited about? Well, it would be Chester Bennington. And I, honestly, didn’t even know if my work with Lamb or whatever was on Chester’s radar at all. But we reached out and he knew who I was and he wanted to hear the song. And he heard the song and he really fell in love with that song. He told me, instantly, ‘This song’s great. I absolutely want to do it, and we worked out the details of getting it together and then we just got in a room together and we hung out for a little bit and shared a little bit about the meaning and how we each related to certain things about it. And then, we just sat across the table and started passing the lyric back and forth and trying ideas. We just started meshing it all together from the outline that we had had it in in preproduction into what it is that you hear now and then we tracked it.”

Morton a confirmat: “At that point in time, I was struggling with some things in my personal life and he was really supportive and had some experience to share with me and some strength and some hope. All that good stuff. So it was really a special time for me.”
Anesthetic va fi lansat pe data de 1 martie prin WPP si Spinefarm. Vedeti playlist-ul cu piese mai jos:

  1. “Cross Off” (feat. Chester Bennington)
  2. “Sworn Apart” (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)
  3. “Axis” (feat. Mark Lanegan)
  4. “The Never” (feat. Chuck Billy + Jake Oni)
  5. “Save Defiance” (feat. Myles Kennedy)
  6. “Blur” (feat. Mark Morales)
  7. “Back From The Dead” (feat. Josh Todd)
  8. “Reveal” (feat. Naeemah Maddox)
  9. “Imaginary Days”
  10. “The Truth Is Dead” (feat. Randy Blythe + Alissa White-Gluz)

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