David Ellefson de la Megadeth aproape ca a fost recrutat de catre Metallica…de doua ori

David Ellefson – Metallica

Va puteti imagina o lume in care David Ellefson este bassist pentru Metallica? Acest lucru aproape s-a instamplat. Nu numai ca David Ellefson a luat in considerare acest lucru in momentul cand Jason Newsted a parasit Metallica dar a fost discutat si dupa moartea lui Cliff Burton in 1986.

Ellefson a dezvaluit: “I know that there was a conversation about considering me. I know Lars [Ulrich] and Dave [Mustaine] had chatted, ’cause [Metallica] were putting their short list together,” Ellefson spune. “And, to be honest with you… I mean, look, Metallica are great, and I’m a fan of theirs and friends with them, and I would be there to be of service with them in whatever way, but they, I think, made their decision right around the time when Megadeth had disbanded in 2002.”

Desigur postul a fost ocupat de catre Robert Truillo (Suicidal Tendencies/Infectious Grooves)
Intr-un interviu separat catre CBS Dave Mustaine spune ca Ellefson a proape a fost recrutat dupa moartea lui Cliff. “When Cliff died, there was a moment where Dave’s name had come up and I was a little concerned,” said Mustaine. “I didn’t want to lose my bassist and I certainly didn’t want to have another reason to be upset.”

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