Orkid a lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul Daily Extinction

Orkid a lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul Daily Extinction

Orkid – Daily Extinction

Bucurestenii de la Orkid au lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul “Daily Extinction”


“So, here it is.
Our new single for which we worked with the best gang ever. Exactly half a year ago, Adrian Despot heard it live, at Caritabil Fest, and came with the idea of doing this together. So thank you, brother, for this perfect journey.
And for this dream team:
Producer: Adrian Despot
Recording and mixing: Adrian Despot & Sorin Pupe Tănase at VdV Music Studio
Assistant: Valentin Grososiu
Audio Mastering: Cristian Varga – Mastervargas – Professional Audio Mastering
Graphics, drawing & visual storytelling: Radu C. PopAnimation Worksheep

The orks are: VladRaduGeorge & Delia.

Thank you, Cosmin , for all the help!
Special thanks to our brother Donny , that worked with us on this piece of music!”

A crazy bunch of angry shoegazers howling the post-traumatic blues.
They share a great respect, admiration and love for all the beasts of the world, particularly for the sea monsters and they are on a continuous and neverending quest for improving the means of communication between marine, terrestrial and extraterrestrial life forms.
They have released their first album, Standing Still in the Dark, in October 2016, followed by the Beast Apart single, in December 2017, and Suruaika EP, in April 2018, all of them available here:
Also available on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Microsoft Groove, ClaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet. Orkid’s fairytales and harmonies are based on 30 years of sensations, ideas, emotions, stories and experiments that Vlad gathered since his first musical experiences – childhood violin & guitar lessons, but also very loud music through the headphones of the most precious thing he owned as a kid, a green Aiwa walkman. Orkid is a cinematic music project, due to the fact that Vlad is a film director and screenwriter and Radu (the other founding member of the band)– an animator and visual artist, also responsible for the imagery of the band. They also work together for Animest www.animest.ro and its educational platform, the Animation Worksheep.
Radu is the stomping whale. The keeper of the whales demented tempos. Being a visual artist and animator he is the one responsible for the imagery of the band. Also one of the founding members of Orkid.
George is our elder, our “Baciu”(though just 7 weeks older than Vlad). He is the peacemaker & the pacemaker, the wise guy, the one that brings us confort and serenity. Also he is making the low frequency armonies of our band sound just as good as the whale sounds.
Delia, our little wonder, the power chord witch is the latest asset of our horde. The Lady Ork intense & tender groove is just what we need for our mourning dance to be complete.
Vlad is always the one who shouts. During the gigs, the rehearsals and everything else. He seems immensely proud (and forever happy) of beeing the Howling Whale.


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