Rock’n Ghena A Lansat Videoclipul Pentru Piesa “NUMBERED DAYS” – Contemporary-Establishment


Hard-Core-istii de la  Rock’n Ghena si-au lansat videoclipul pentru piesa “Numbered Days”.  Single-ul face parte de pe EP-ul “The Hate, The Pain The Suffering”.

“Asa cum am promis, astazi anuntam al doilea videoclip de pe EP-ul cu cele 6 piese “The Hate, The Pain The Suffering”, pentru piesa “Numbered Days”.

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Multumiri voua celor care ne sustineti neconditionat oricand si oricum. Va iubim !! Hardcore for fucking ever !!

STOP Glorifying Rats !!


Check it out!

A short story of a long history

With a history of 18 years, Rock n Ghena among other bands, are one
of the pioneers of the hardcore genre in Romania, established as one
of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging hardcore genre, helping to initiate the term “hardcore,” and placing an entire uproar on the Romania map by association. Coming directly from the Black Sea shore, from the start, Rock n Ghena released a catalogue of fast and furious hardcore tunes consisting of distinctive and aggressive drumming, bass work, and a non-stop barrage of chaotic vocals. The day-to-day reality of waking up, reading the newspaper, walking around the neighborhood, work, or meeting new people makes for Rock n Ghena an subject for their music. The concerts of Rock n Ghena are full of energy which is transmitted from the stage to the floor level where everybody dances and vibrates in the same manner with the band.
Rock n Ghena continues to be living embodiment that “hardcore for
life” isn’t an empty slogan or a musical dead end. No one is born with
tattoos. No one’s born hardcore. But when the ink or the music sets
in, you’re changed. Rock n Ghena as a band, still operates like a musical razor blade and dementia of energy on stage.
We support UNITY! We despise ignorance and hatred within our scene. We express our way of life thru hardcore music and free will!!
Rock n Ghena shared the stage of many famous venues, on tours or
concerts , in Romania or abroad, with the biggest Romanian bands and also bands from across all the world beginning with : Implant pentru Refuz, Coma, H8,Emil, Niste Baieti, Breathlast, White Walls, Cap de Craniu, Altar, Road Kill Soda, Last Hope, Vendetta, A-Moral,
Determination, Hang The Bastard and many more.

We joined our forces on the same stage with USA hardcore titans like:


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