FronT au Lansat Clipul Pentru Colț de Gând

FronT - Colț de gând

Clujenii de la FronT au lansat clipul pentru piesa || Colț de Gânf ||.  Pe partea audio, înregistrarea și producția au fost realizate alături de Nimrod Szedlacsek la “Corvin Recording Studio” din Cluj, iar de mastering s-a ocupat Marius Costache la “Studio148” în București. Partea video poartă semnătura lui Alex Lasc de la “Lasc Media”, DOP, care s-a ocupat de concept, scenariu, filmat, montaj și culoare, avându-i ca sprijin la filmări pe cameramanii Horia Hațeg de la “Horia Hațeg Videography” și Andrei Stanea de la “Art Evolution Romania”. Piesa înregistrată de: Ciprian Sav (chitară acustică), Julia Kocis (tobe), Albert Freeman (chitară bass), Iulian Andercău (chitară electrică/solo), Mihai Șarlea (voci), Nimrod Szedlacsek (clape/FX) Actori Ciprian Sav, Julia Kocis, Albert Freeman, Iulian Andercău, Mihai Șarlea și Andreea. Pentru mai multe noutati intati pe.

FronT - Clipul - Colț de gând

FronT started out in 2009, in Cluj-Napoca, featuring ex-members from well known regional underground rock bands and quickly started to make a slick impression in local appearances, especially opening for some of Romania’s top underground rock acts of the time.
We’ve released our first 100% diy EP that year, available on our Soundcloud page, made the heavy rotation and we were shooting for the stars.
However, due to divergent opinions, some band members left and we were now faced with the daunting challenge of replacing them. We’ve focused our next few years on producing and composing new, wicked songs, revamping the original ones, until finally, in late 2014 we restarted our live acts, in a fresh, more dynamic, setup.
A few concerts and a lot of rehearsals later, early February 2015 saw the release of our first single, “Left Inside”, that brought us loads of positive attention, places on pretty important stages across Romania and heart-warming good vibes.
2016 stood out as a very important milestone in our band’s activity, both in the studio and on stage and, as far as we can tell, 2017 will be at least as intense!
“Cut the Cords Acoustic Sessions Live Vol.1” marked the beginning of the year, hitting the waves in January 2016, weeks before the the release of our very first smashing video for the “Alive” single.
Soon after this we’ve upped our patience index and started work the “Alive” EP, that was to be released in 2017.
From a live perspective, during 2016 we were fortunate enough to play some awesome gigs around Romania, the likes of “20 de ani cu Vița de Vie” at Arenele Romane in Bucharest, “Bucovina Rock Castle” in Suceava, “Măgura Wave Festival” near Simeria, “Jaxx Rock Battle of the Bands” in Cluj-Napoca and lots of sweet, unforgettable club venues!
What better way to celebrate the 2016 winter holidays, but with a #mannequinchallenge style video for “Say”, straight from the EP that came your way, two months later!
16 February 2017 saw the release of our EP, “Alive”, the pinnacle of our work, up to this point, available for digital download and streaming across all major online platforms.
Shout out to the Clipa Zero (Stage Shot) video released on the first venue of our tour, naturally started, at home, in Cluj-Napoca, on March 4th, 2017.
Come summer of 2017 we’ve started work on our next EP, due early 2018. Up to this point, preprod sessions are well on track and word has it that Fall 2017 we’ll be blasting the radios and your favourite streaming services with our first single, “Colț de gând”, not to mention our most heart melting video to date!
Keep in touch and see you at our live venues!

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