Ropeburn vs Killer Victim in Club Underworld Bucuresti – 16 Iunie

Vineri 16 iunie in premiera pe tara pe la orele 21:00 in Club Underworld Bucuresti, la rascruce de drum, se vor intlinli pe aceeasi sena doua megatrupe ale underground-ului romanesc : Ropeburn si Killer Victim.


Ropeburn is a band that explores the hardcore punk, metal and sludge sounds. Gripped tight to the music’s throat Ropeburn chooses religion, personal traumas and angst as lyrical concepts to scream away the shallow condition of the humanity. Stubborn and with an almost nihilistic attitude, the band finds it’s relief into groovy, aggressive and uproarious music.

Killer Victim:

Started some time in 2013 with the intention of playing loud, fast and angry hardcore. Had our first show in february 2014 and after line-up changes and all kinds of struggles, we keep going!
Suport: 15 Lei

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