Jinxy Von D'ers Au Lansat Clipul Pentru Piesa Glow

Bucurestenii de la Jinxy Von D’ers au lansat clipul pentru melodia ” Glow”. Music by: JINXY VON D’ERS Recordings, Mixing & Mastering by: Cutover Studio (Vadim Palos), Bucharest, Romania Director: Radu M Savin, Assistant director: Alexandru Acsinte DOP: Dorin Savin, Video Edit: Radu M Savin, Producer: Radu M Savin, Cătălin Boltașu Starring: Vali Rupiță, Adelaida Zamfira, Cristina Danu, Nicoleta Savin, Andrei Constantinescu, Dorian Petruș. ENJOY!

JINXY VON D’ERS is an Alternative Rock band from Bucharest, Romania, founded in 2016. The band consists of Iris Danciu (vocals), Cătălin Boltașu (guitar), Dragoș Popa (bass guitar) and Nestor Petruș (drums). In 2017, they released “Glow”, a new single with lyric video and a new official video will be out on May 30th. In 2016, the band released other two singles, “So Alive” and “Don’t Fall in Love” with a former vocalist (Oriana Emanoil). They were invited to join several radio shows and all their singles have been included within the playlists of the most important alternative radios in Romania. They are focusing on live performances, being already booked for a series of summer festivals, and also on writing the debut album.

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