Unflicted au lansat clipul pentru piesa Loss

Bucurestenii de la Unflicted au lansat clipul pentru piesa “Loss”.Melodia a fost inregistrata , mixata, masterizata si produsa de catre Ivanov Vladimir la  REAL SOUND and Vision / BlueCat Studio, iar de catre filmarile clipului s-a ocupat Ana-Maria Merca.


Unflicted is a four piece Bucharest based alternative-metal band, formed in the autumn of 2015. For the first few months of its existence the focus was on writing songs and tracking demos, until the band finally had enough material to sustain a full live set. Immediately after that the “Exposed” EP was recorded at Studio 148 and, at the same time, the video for the first single off the EP, named “Awake”, was filmed and eventually released in early 2016. Come spring the band started booking live shows, but more video material is on its way too, in the form of both live and studio performances, as well as the video for the second single off the EP, named “Another place”.
The name of the band comes from a positive place, being formed by taking the root of the words inflicted and afflicted, both with negative connotations, and replacing their prefix with “un-“, thus obtaining a word with positive vibes, since it “negates the negative”.

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