Gothic au lansat clipul pentru piesa Shadow Man

Baietii de la Gothic au lansat clipul pentru piesa  “Shadow Man”. Aceasta face parte de pe albumul intitulat “Demons” lansat anul acesta.Videoclipul a fost realizat de catre Alin Petrut in colaborare cu Razvan Alexandru. Enjoy!

Line-up :
Alin Petrut – guitar / vocals
George Lazar – vocals
Taly – bass
Vlad Golgotiu – drums

Lyrics :

Living low, my purpose
No regrets
Just an empty presence

Born to roam around
To breed the air
I don`t need much more in my own lair.

I `ll do the fuck i want !
Tell me something
I did it all !

I can decide
Of my own life
I have no plan
I`m a shadow man.

Failing out my life
I feel no shame
Don`t point me, society`s to blame

Got dirty, got wasted
No remorse
Don`t you wait, I`m on a collission course.

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