Days of Confusion au lansat TQITA (The question is the answer)

Baietii de la Days of Confusion au lansat pe piesa “TQITA (The question is the answer)”.Aceasta face parte de pe cel mai recent material discografic al bucurestenilor intitulat “YIN & OUT”.Download and streaming :

La achizitionarea albumului in format fizic este atasat si un boardgame.



And if you had all of the answers, then would you listen?
To every desperate cry in the darkness, praying for comfort
Down on their knees, questioning wether what they have asked for
Was ever heard by a god up in heavens, praying for silence

There was this bald viking dude locked up in a cage and as they took him to his death, he said that the gods are nothing more than man’s invention, because he’s too afraid to admit that he already knows the answers to all of his own damn questions.

And if they sent him all of their questions, would he have answered?
Would he embrace them as they would gather, craving forgiveness?
Heaven is empty, they would discover… and wake the sleeping god inside

The question is the answer
The answer is the question

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